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Wing Foil Courses

Summer season (May - October)

Wing Foil Courses during summer

Wingfoil is an ideal water sport for summer season in Ibiza and Formentera. As from 1st of May it is prohibited to launch kites in the beaches, we believe that Wingfoil is the solution!

Wingfoil is much easier to learn than kitesurfing, anyone can learn it! This water sport is so much fun, the sensation of flying over the water means you become addicted very early. Wingfoil is a safe water sport, but still you have to respect some rules.

The course is done in a beach depending on the wind conditions. Firstly we will teach some theory and safety, later flying the wing on land. Afterwards you will practise in the water how to go and come back to the same point with a board and wing together. Next step is standing up on the board with the wing and the last step is generating the power and flying over the water. 


What is included in the course:

  • All the gear
  • Rescue boat
  • Wake foil session
  • Walkie-talkie system
  • Supervision and support after the course


  • 8 hours € 350 (special price for residents)
  • 4 hours € 200

Rental after the course:

  • 1 hour € 25
  • 5 hours € 100

is all you need.”

Winter season (November - April)

Wing Foil Courses during winter

The winter courses are done the same way as during the summer season. Depending on the wind conditions we select the best beach either it is in Ibiza or Fromentera.

What is included in the course:

  • 12 hours of lessons 
  • All the gear
  • Wetsuit
  • Supervision and support after the course
  • Walkie-talkie system

Price € 250

Rental prices after the course:

  • 1 hour € 20
  • 5 hours € 80

“Winter is coming.”

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